The Final Push and Future Goals

Today is my last long ride before the Century ride on May 23rd. I can’t believe the ride is already here. It doesn’t feel like it has been three months since I signed up for my second century. I can’t wait to ride through Napa with Aaron and 1200 other cyclists and to have my family there to celebrate with us. I am already dreaming about our celebratory dinner at Bottega!

We are off to tackle 70 miles today and I will be sure to give you the sweaty recap when we get back.

With the conclusion of one goal fast approaching, I can’t help but think abut what’s next. I am naturally goal oriented, especially when it comes to fitness. Having run four half marathons in my career, I can’t help but play around with the idea of a full marathon. I have been thinking a lot about it, and part of me thinks it is impossible, but the part of me that knows it IS possible feels like now is the time. Running a marathon is something that is on my fitness bucket list and this might be the ideal time to tackle it. I know that as each year goes by, it will be harder for my body to run for hours on end and harder for me to fit in training runs.

And wouldn’t running 26 miles be a great 27th birthday present to myself? It also doesn’t hurt that I have a very motivating friend who has completed multiple marathons who is cheering me on to accomplish this goal.

The two marathons I am contemplating are Lake Tahoe (September 26th) and California International Marathon (December 5th). Both have pros and cons:

PROs: Location – my favorite place on Earth. I could make a mini vacay out of it. Weather – a beautiful time of year to run in Tahoe.
CONs: Location – hello 6,000 feet – meet my lungs. Timing – I would have to start training right after the century and run through the summer.

PROs: Location – Hometown race which means lots of support! And it would be pretty cool to finish my first full marathon in my hometown. Course – CIM is one of the country’s flattest and fastest courses.
CONs: Weather – can be rainy and cold in Sacramento in December. Training through the fall months can be perfect some days and crappy others.

I have some thinking to do about which race I want to tackle, but for the time being, I am just going to try to start upping my mileage after the century. I will continue to ride my bike, but it will be my cross training rather than my core training. I will take some time to recover mentally and physically from the century (and celebrate the accomplishment, too) and then return to the decision.

Do you have any big goals on your mind?


One thought on “The Final Push and Future Goals

  1. Kate says:


    Nice blog šŸ™‚

    I think now sounds like a good time to do a marathon- you’ve obviously done so much running/tri/cycling, that you should have the base for it. But don’t worry about fitting it in now- as women, our bodies get better and better at running long distance. And marathon training is much easier to fit in than cycling!


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