Cutting It Close

This week I cut it a little close on the groceries. Check out what our fridge looked like before I made it to the grocery store:

Luckily we had enough to get us through breakfast and lunch today. Thank goodness for whole wheat bread, PB and leftovers. This is much better.

Does a well-stocked fridge packed with healthy food make anyone else as happy as it makes me? In the fridge this week was the usual staples like bread, lettuce, spinach, eggs, apples, bananas, green beans, snap pea, cucumber, and broccoli. Also, some new things like sundried tomato pesto, smoked artichoke dip and artichoke ravioli (I was on an artichoke kick).

This week’s menu plan includes:
Chicken tacos
Whole roasted chicken with green beans and roasted potatoes
Turkey meatloaf with rice and broccoli
Sandwiches or fend for yourself since we leave Friday for the century ride!

Feels so good to have so many healthy options to choose from. I immediately had to test out the dip and pesto to make sure they were “safe”. I am happy to report that they both are good to go!


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