Holy Mileage

I don’t typically keep track of all my workouts, but I might start to! I did write down all of my bike rides in a planner so that I could keep track of my training. Not all of the rides made it to the blog – just the longer rides. The other night I decided to add up my mileage out of curiosity. As I was entering each ride into a spreadsheet, I asked Aaron to take a guess. He guessed 475 and I told him it was going to be less than that.

When I totaled the mileage it came to 801! Huh? Have I really been riding that much? I double checked my numbers to make sure an extra 0 didn’t make its way into one of the cells. Sure enough, it was correct. I must say, I gave myself a little pat on the back for that!

It was really fun to look back and see my progress. From the first ride in a long time of 14 miles, to 70 miles this past weekend. Check it out!

Feb 13, 2010 14
Feb 27, 2010 30
Feb 28, 2010 30
Mar 6, 2010 35
Mar 14, 2010 41
Mar 18, 2010 12
Mar 21, 2010 48.5
Mar 24, 2010 20
Mar 26, 2010 26
Mar 28, 2010 55.7
Apr 3, 2010 15
Apr 8, 2010 44
Apr 17, 2010 62
Apr 22, 2010 16
Apr 24, 2010 30
Apr 25, 2010 40
Apr 27, 2010 50
Apr 30, 2010 60
May 8, 2010 50
May 12, 2010 26
May 15, 2010 70
May 19, 2010 26
TOTAL 801.2

Looking back at my training plan that I threw out the window after just a few weeks, I was only about 140 miles short of that mileage goal. The training plan was pretty aggressive, and included recovery rides after every long ride. That is the real area where I fell off – after long hard rides, the thought of getting back on the bike isn’t appealing to me. So I scrapped the recovery rides for more mid-week rides. Over the 3 months of training, I got in 22 rides, for an average of about 36.5 miles per ride.

Looking back at my mileage makes me feel more confident about Sunday’s century. Still not confident about the “climb of a lifetime” in the middle of the ride, but I WILL SURVIVE!


3 thoughts on “Holy Mileage

  1. Kate says:

    Impressive total- and that’s a decent average ride distance. You are going to conquer the century!!

  2. […] The longest ride I got in was 70 miles. But I am not going to give myself a hard time. I rode over 800 miles and I have full confidence in my body and endurance. Having completed a century ride in the past […]

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