All Set and Ready to Ride!

Well, tomorrow is the big day. 24 hours from now I hope to be drinking an ice cold beer and celebrating a great accomplishment with family and friends. Today we packed up the car with all our gear, bikes and food and drove to Napa. We dropped everything off at my aunts’ house and headed out to grab some lunch and ingredients for our carb fest tonight.

We hit up Whole Foods for lunch – salad bar for her, sandwich and chips for him. And then it was next door to Trader Joe’s for pizza dough and toppings for tonight. We will be making grilled pizza and grilled Caesar salad for 8 family and friends tonight!

After all that excitement, we took a quick nap and then went to pick up our packets. Check out my gear for tomorrow:

My jersey fits perfect and is really comfortable – definitely well made. In addition, we have to wear a sweet wrist band so they know we are authorized to be on the course, a timing chip on our helmet to time how slow fast we do the hill climbs and the overall course. Also, our race number. I am lucky number 69! The race organizers sent out a list out of the top 100 fundraisers the other day and I was #69 on the list. The teenager in me can’t help but giggle.

Now I have a hot date with my foam roller before it’s time to cook and hopefully an early bed time.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. Hoping the rain holds out and the wind doesn’t blow too hard. I hate riding in the wind!


3 thoughts on “All Set and Ready to Ride!

  1. Kate says:

    I like the jersey! Good luck 🙂

  2. Congrats on such an awesome accomplishment. Cant wait to hear about your recap!

  3. 69th total fundraiser – you are awesome!! It’s hard not to giggle with 69. Especially when you overhear it in the sorority house while conducting a business class group project meeting.

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