Celebrate Good Times!

Come on! Sing it with me, people! Today was all about celebrating our hard work on yesterday’s ride and spend some relaxing time together.

Our morning consisted of lounging, blogging and vegging out. Then we headed to Oxbow Market for some fun food and drinks.

We started with coffee and chips and salsa. That’s how everyone starts their afternoon, right?

Then it was off to Hog Island Oyster Company. All weekend I had these babies on my mind. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 100 miles than to treat ourselves to a dozen oysters and a glass of champagne. Even after dreaming about this for days, it did not disappoint. I could not imagine anything better.

I was in Hog (Island) heaven!!

Then we headed across the way to the wine and cheese merchant for, drum roll, please – WINE and CHEESE. We bought a little hunk of blue cheese and took it over to bar where they plated it up for us with some bread, and served us a red and white flight. More perfection!

We walked around the market, had a few samples and then headed to Gott’s Roadside for beer, burgers and fries. The beer was served in chilled pints, which I loved. And the garlic fries were perfectly crispy and garlicy.

And then, in case we hadn’t stuffed ourselves enough, we had milkshakes!

A seriously wonderful day! Now we are home and starting to get sleepy. Back to reality.


One thought on “Celebrate Good Times!

  1. bridgette says:

    Oh my gosh all of that looks so good!!!! Congrats on the ride, you deserve all of that good. Blue cheese sounds delciious right about now…

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