10 Day Yoga Challenge

As I mentioned the other day, I am going to be practicing more yoga as I transition from century training and adding more running to my routine as I train for upcoming races and eventually, a marathon at the end of the year.

A popular yoga studio in town, Zuda Yoga, has a special offer for first time students – $10 for 10 days. Most studios have a similar deal, but this is the best I have seen. I have been wanting to take advantage of the offer, but didn’t think I would be able to take full advantage during training.

Now is the perfect timing, so I headed to class this morning and plan to take a class every day for 10 days.

I took the Level 1 Power Vinyasa class which was 75 wonderful minutes in an 87 degree room. I loved the class! It was a great mix of tough strength-building poses and relaxing poses. The stretches felt so good on my tight legs. I felt my muscles loosening up throughout the class.  Sweaty, happy yoga face after class.

While I have no soreness left from the century ride, in certain poses I could definitely feel it more than normal. Chair pose made my quads and glutes MAD! 10 minutes in to class, the sweat started pouring, and it felt so good.

I am really excited about this challenge and hope 10 consecutive days of yoga will kick start a yoga habit, because my body needs it! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

What is a challenge you have been wanting to take on? I encourage you to do it now!


3 thoughts on “10 Day Yoga Challenge

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