Finding Comfort in the Front

When you go to a group exercise class or yoga class, do you head for the back corner of the room or proudly walk to the front to strut your stuff? I’ll admit, I have always been one who felt comfortable in the back of class. It may be the self conscious part of me that doesn’t want strangers staring at my booty during a spin class. Or maybe it is my self-doubt about my ability and skill level.

This week, during my Yoga Challenge, I have arrived at class to find the back two rows of the room already filled. That means I have had to lay my mat toward the front of the class. And you know what? I like it in the front! Today I took a class that had 56 people in it! This room is not made for 56 people! Mats were seriously 2 inches apart on all sides. I guess that is what happens in a Friday afternoon class. I was so far toward the front of class, my arms often brushed the curtains on the windows.

This studio has no mirrors, so when I am in the front of class it feels like it is just me and my practice. I use the word “practice” loosely since I am such a beginner. In past classes where the studio was lined with mirrors, I not only felt all the eyes on me (even though they weren’t), but could see them. It was distracting.

Without the mirrors, everyone else fades away and I have found comfort in the front of the class. I may not be able to do the poses perfectly or get a deep into them as others, but that doesn’t matter.

If you haven’t made your way to the front of class, I challenge you to do so. If you have, when was the moment you felt comfortable up there?


2 thoughts on “Finding Comfort in the Front

  1. As a teenager, I sometimes would work out with my stepmother at our gym. When we did group exercise classes together, she would always insist on being in the front of the class (MUCH to my horror). She said she could see and hear the instructor better from the front row and she was right! I had to get over my self consciousness of people looking at my backside but then I liked that I didn’t have to look at rows of people, just the instructor.

  2. p.s. mats 2″ apart in a yoga class sounds stressful. Maybe they should cap the class at a more reasonable attendance level?

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