Productive Saturday

While most people around town spent the day laying the sun, enjoying this wonderful weather:

We spent the day working on the house. Aaron’s mom will be moving from Idaho and coming to stay with us for awhile. We have some things we want to get done around the house to prep for our new housemate. Our guest room is really big and will be super comfy for her, but it is lacking in the decor department. We plan to remove a hideous wallpaper border (I partially removed it months ago), possibly paint, get new curtains and remove the closet doors and replace them with curtains. The sliding closet doors in our house are old, cumbersome and really annoying. We took the doors off our closet and replaced them with curtains and it made a huge difference.

We completely cleaned out the guest room (which was being used as storage in addition to a guest room) organized a hall closet, and the closet in the office. We also moved the bed from the guest room into the office and rearranged the office. We had a chance to get rid of a bunch of stuff, too.

We were wiped by the end of it all. We wrapped up around 4PM for cocktail hour. Aaron whipped up a batch of guacamole, and I made a quick black bean dip and we sat down with beer (him) and white sangria (her) to take a load off.

We did have some time this morning to enjoy the nice weather. I went to yoga at 8 this morning for day 4 of the 10 Day Yoga Challenge. Aaron went for a run (which I plan to do tomorrow) and then we went to the Farmer’s Market.

We brought home cherries, asparagus, potatoes, Spinach Bolani and Sweet Jalepeno sauce. After shopping we picked up some lunch the from the FM vendors. I had a delicious Tabouli salad and fresh baked Naan bread with tomato chutney. Super fresh, filling and healthy!

This was the best Tabouli I have ever had. A lot of times tabouli is overwhelmed by parsley, but this version had lots of other veggies to balance things out. And the lemon vinaigrette was perfect.

While my lunch was super healthy, I had to balance it out with dessert. The Kettle Korn line was too long for me, but I did snag one of these Pumpkin Carrot mini cakes with cream cheese frosting. Can we just take a moment?

We got dessert to go but on the walk back to the car, Aaron and I had to stop to try a bite of each of our desserts. An older couple walked by as I pulled my cake from the box and they were impressed – they asked me where to find one. I took a bite and almost collapsed on the sidewalk. It was that delicious. The carrot and pumpkin flavor was perfect, and also made the cake super moist. The cream cheese frost was the best I have ever had. I originally planned to have a few bites and save the rest for another time but before I knew it, I was down to the last bite that I had strategically planned with the perfect proportion of frosting to cake.

Do you eat so that your last bite is the best? I do for certain things like cupcakes, cookies, and pizza. Three of my favorite things!

By the end of it all, the whole family was tired. Especially these two:


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