Who Needs a Restaurant?

The other day Aaron and I were out and about running errands.  We wrapped up right around lunch time and were debating where to get lunch.  After throwing around a few ideas, we decided to just go home since we had plenty of food in the house. By the time we walked in the house I already knew what I was going to make.

Caprese Salad! And not just any caprese salad.  A caprese tower.  Doesn’t this look like something you would pay good money for in a restaurant?

It just goes to show that if you use a little creativity and take a little time, you can have a delicious restaurant-quality meal at home without much effort.  This salad took me about 3 minutes to make and probably less time to eat because it was SO good.  A perfect summer lunch.

To make it, I started with a base of mixed greens that I sprinkled with salt and pepper and drizzled with a balsamic reduction Aaron had made for an event he catered earlier in the week.  I sliced one Roma tomato into 1/4-inch slices and sliced fresh mozzarella. I layered the tomato slices with the mozzarella and fresh basil from the yard.  I seasoned each layer with Kosher salt because a little salt really brings out the flavor of a rip tomato. I drizzled the whole tower with a little olive oil and more balsamic reduction.  Then I feasted!


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