Healthy on the Water

Yesterday we spent the day out on the lake with friends and family (my brother).  It was the perfect Memorial Day activity.  I was excited for lots of sun and heat since it was in the 90s on Sunday.  Well, I think I am cursed because it was overcast most of the day and even sprinkled on us. The last time I went out on the boat with this group, we went to the same spot on the lake and had the same weather.  I am not sure I will be invited back again ;).

Before we left, I took the dog for a quick 1.6 mile run. Aaron and I both wanted to go for a run, plus get the dog some exercise before he had to spend the day in his kennel. We have tried to both run with the dog, but it is just too distracting for Cash and no one gets much of a workout. So when we left the house, Aaron went one way, and Cash and I went another. It worked out really well. Cash and I covered 1.6 miles in 18 minutes (there were a few sniff and pee stops along the way).

I wanted to come prepared for a full day on the lake. The last time I went out, the only food on the boat was beer and potato chips.  I love chips, but can’t survive all day on chips alone.

I packed a container with fresh fruit and veggies to snack on. And an insulated water bottle filled with ice water.

Oh yeah, and these bad boys. It’s all about moderation, right?

We had a great day, and the sun even came out for part of the day (maybe I do have a chance of being invited back).

Now it is back to reality with work and lots of things to tackle around the house.  Today my task will be wall paper removal.  And I definitely need to find some time to exercise.


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