Serious Flavor

Today’s lunch was all about packing a powerful flavor punch. And it was super healthy, too. My plate included a side salad with mixed greens, carrots, tomato, cucumber, snap peas and smoked salmon.  Drizzled with balsamic reduction. Alongside the salad I had a wedge of Spinach Bolani topped with tzaziki and sweet jalepoeno sauce.

While the salad was killer (smoked salmon is one of my all-time favorite treats), the true star of the show was this little guy:

Bolani samples are always a staple for us at the Farmers Market. The guys from East and West Gourmet Afghan Food are the best! They love giving samples to everyone at the market. They have even told me, “Come back later for more if you are still hungry.” To me that means they are absolutely proud of their product and want everyone to try it.

Well, they have good reason to be proud! Their food is totally up my alley – fresh, healthy and delicious. Lots of sauces and dips, which I love.  They have 4 flavors of Bolani – Spinach, Pumpkin, Potato and Lentil. We bought a Spinach Bolani (each container has 4 servings), and jar of Sweet Jalepeno sauce.

I love that they have all of their products for sale on their website, along with nutritional information on every product.

I topped 1/4 of the Bolani with some tzaziki we had in the fridge and a good dollop of the sweet jalepeno. Seriously, SO good.  I could have eaten the whole package!


2 thoughts on “Serious Flavor

  1. we just had lunch at a winery on Monday where I got a salad with smoked salmon on it–so delicious! It also had avocado, sunflower kernels, and a bunch of other yummy stuff!

    what exactly is bolani? never heard of it but it looks yum!

    • modernation says:

      Yum – I love sunflower seeds on salads. Bolani is an Afgan flatbread. It is a really thin crust that is kind of soft and filled with vegetables. I read on Wikipedia this morning that the company I got it from is the only producer and seller of Bolani in the US.

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