Sneak Peek

This morning I was up an at em bright and early to volunteer at the TBF Racing Tri for Real Olympic Distance Triathlon. This race is the first of three olympic distance tris the group will be putting on this summer.  I am planning to race in the third tri in the series on August 8th.

Today I got to get a sneak peek at the course and how the event is run.  I absolutely loved volunteering.  Everyone was so nice, it seemed so organized and it was a gorgeous day.  It was worth waking up at 5 this morning and driving to the middle of nowhere.

When I arrived for my 6:30 AM shift, I got to work body marking.

After an hour of inhaling fumes and getting to meet lots of excited racers, I moved on the timing.  First the finish line of the little kids’ race (they were the cutest and most hardcore kids ever), I finished up with timing for the run out split.

In between my shifts I had a short break and got to watch some of the swimmers.  What a gorgeous swim!

I have to say that volunteering for a race is such a great experience.  When we race, it is so easy to get caught up in “our” race and forget about everything that goes on before, during and after.  While I always try to thank all the volunteers I encounter on the race, I think volunteering will make me a better race participant.

After volunteering I drove the 40 minutes back to town and picked up sandwiches for me, Aaron and his mom.  All I had eaten since waking at 5 was an apple, two orange slices and two hunks of watermelon.  I was ready to chow down.  And chow down I did.  I demolished my veggie sandwich and it was probably the best veggie sandwich I have had in a long time (maybe it was just not eating for hours and hours.

Then I got to work helping unpack and organize.  More pantry organization!


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