Mini Brick Workout

Well, I guess triathlon training has officially started! Yesterday I swam 1000 yards in the pool and this morning I tackled a mini brick workout.  Aaron and I went for an hour long ride at an easy pace and then I came home, did a quick transition and headed out for a 20 minute run.

I can definitely tell I have some work to do! Yesterday’s swim made me really tired and really hungry! I haven’t swam in a long time and it is a true total body workout. The hardest part of today’s ride was wearing my tri shorts.  They are much more comfortable to walk around and run in, but the limited padding took a few minutes to get used to.

I took about 3 minutes for my transition which included racking my bike in the garage, taking off my gloves and helmet, and lacing up my shoes. I ran in the house real quick for a bathroom break and to grab my hat. Not to bad of a time since I came in the house and chatted for a minute with Aaron and his mom.

My legs were definitely feeling like bricks for the first 10 minutes of the run.  I wasn’t really running that much slower than my normal pace, but it felt like I was.  It also didn’t help that I wasn’t wearing my iPod and could hear myself huffing and puffing (I hate that).  iPods are not allowed on the course I will be racing, so I will be making sure to do some runs sans-iPod to prepare.

Tonight I am heading to yoga for a semi-private session.  I am nervous because my body will be tired and chatarungas sound impossible right now.  Then we are having some family over for dinner which I am really excited about! Today is shaping up to be a great day! Enjoy yours because I fully plan to enjoy mine!


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