Who Writes These Titles?

I know how hard writing titles can be.  Whether it be for blog posts or articles, titles can be hard. But I don’t work for the LA or NY Times (although I would love to!).  Every once in awhile I browse the Health pages of both websites to see what the latest and greatest is that is going on in the world of fitness and nutrition. I have decided that just reading the titles isn’t much help.  Take a look at some of these I scanned through today:

Risks: Obesity is Found to Take Toll After Age 40…..That is news? Doesn’t obesity take toll always?  And the first sentence makes it even better:

“Obesity increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses, but a surprising new finding suggests it may not affect one’s health until after age 40.”

So, I can be obese my whole life and have no problems as long as I lose it before my 4oth birthday? I stopped reading after that.

Regimens: Eat Your Vegetables, but Not Too ManyAt first look this makes me mad and makes me not want to read the article – eat as many vegetables as you want.  The more the merrier. This turned out to be a story of an 88-year old woman who was taken to the hospital and fell into a coma allegedly due to eating 2-3 pounds of boy choy every day. Lesson learned – don’t eat 2 lbs of bok choy everyday for years.

Sorry for the mini-rant and I love the LA and NY Times.  Some of the article titles just make me laugh and shake my head. Must have been a slow news day in the world of health.


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