Vacation from Fitness

Starting today I am on vacation for 4 days. Normally, for a four day trip, I would plan to exercise while away. But this is a unique vacation since we are on a houseboat. There are roads to run on, hotel gyms to take advantage of, or really anything.  There are 22 people on a 70 foot houseboat, so most likely my fitness routine and triathlon training will be on hold along with my diet.

My brother and his best friend put this trip on every June and are wonderful to take care of everything.  All the attendees have to do is give them money and bring a bathing suit and sleeping bag.  They buy all the beer and food to make things run as smooth as possible. I am so excited for the trip and can’t wait to report back on the weekend’s highlights (clearly we won’t have wifi on the lake). My fitness might be taking a short vacation, but I plan to enjoy myself to the fullest.

While my brother and Matt are handling most of our eats, as usual, I am packing some of my own healthy treat to try to balance out the potato chips, burgers and hot dogs. I am bringing:

– Spicy and Tangy Almonds (Lemon and Cayenne Flavor – YUM)
Dried Pears (these have more fiber and less sugar than most dried fruit). Trader Joes has lots of dried fruit that is unsweetened.  The only ingredient on these is Pears – love that!
– Organic Fuji Apples. I gotta have my apple a day.
Cliff Bars (I will only eat these if I really need to and am starving)

My trip presents some unique challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but typically vacations do not need to derail your plans.  Here are some tips for staying healthy on vacation:

– Plan Ahead: no matter what comes up during your vacation, if you plan ahead with snacks you can take with you you know you will always have a healthy option. Choose foods that travel well and do not require refrigeration. Good options include:  Apples, protein bars, individual packets of natural peanut butter. dried fruit, homemade trail mix, nuts.

– Bring your gym with you: Pack a few things so you can have a quality workout in your hotel room.  Workout DVDs and resistance bands are great options that take up little space.  Don’t forget your running shoes. Take a walk or go for a run in the morning before you set out for your day’s activities.

– Do your research: Does your hotel have a gym? Is there a local gym you can purchase a day pass for?

How do you stay healthy on vacation?


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