Go Big or Don’t Come Home

As much as I miss this:

We all know we can’t stay on vacation forever. Today I told myself, “Go big or you might as well have not come home.” The number one rule I follow to get back on track after vacation is to not waste any time. If I come home and take a couple days to get back to my routine, time will get away from me and before I know it, it has been two weeks and I haven’t been eating well or exercising regularly.

That was not an issue today. First thing I did was head to the grocery stores to restock the house with healthy foods.  Then, a little later in the morning I set out for a run. I took it easy and took some walk breaks, but when all was said and done, I completed 3.5 miles in 34 minutes. It felt great to sweat.

I got a text message from my Dad inviting me to my second semi-private power yoga session with him this afternoon at 4.  I was all about stretching my muscles after being in cramped quarters all weekend. To kick m y exercise up a notch for the day, I decided to bike to yoga for a round trip ride of 8 miles. Each way took my 20 minutes and it felt so much better for me and the environment to ride to yoga.

So my exercise for the day breaks down to:
3.52 mile run
8 mile bike ride (roundtrip to and from yoga)
50 minutes power yoga

How am I going to top that tomorrow?


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