Recovering In So Many Ways

Well today is our first full day home from houseboating. I will be posting pics of the trip soon (just waiting to get some from other friends). I have some serious recovering to do.  Even though I brought some healthy snacks with me, everywhere I turned there were chips, snack mixes and cookies. It was too hard to resist it all, and I will admit I indulged too much.  Not to mention the endless supply of beer kept on ice all weekend.

A lot of my snacking was completely mindless. There were a couple times I looked down and saw my hand in a bag of something and didn’t know how it got there.  I snapped out of it, and removed my empty hand and stepped away.

One thing you may or may not know about me is that it is so easy for me to gain weight, and really hard for me to lose it.  I am sure this is true for pretty much everyone (especially us ladies). I was actually pleasantly surprised to have gained less than two pounds on this 4 day vacation.

I have a pretty consistent routine when it comes to diet and exercise, so when that gets thrown off, my body pays the price. This week I plan to waste no time and get right back into my normal routine. My body is craving vegetables and fresh produce, and that is exactly when I am going to give it. The best way for me to get back on track after vacation is to drink LOTS of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

How do you transition back to real life after vacation?


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