Time Trial

In anticipation of my upcoming olympic distance triathlon, I decided to do a 25 mile bike time trial of sorts this morning. I wanted to get a gauge on my speed so I can set appropriate expectations for my training and race day. While I had rode 25 miles (and then some) plenty of times, my goals were different.  Century training was all about just getting the miles done, not about speed. For the tri I want to work on speed.

I completed the 25 miles in 1:34:06 with an average speed of 15.9 MPH.  I was pretty happy with that since this was my longest ride since the century three weeks ago.

On the ride I also tried a new sports drink – Hammer Nutrition HEED in Subtle Strawberry flavor.

I received some Hammer product samples in my swag bag from the century ride.  I have heard great things about the Hammer products, but have never really used them myself.  I have been pretty loyal to Clif products, but struggle to find a sports drink I love.  I was excited about trying HEED for a few reasons:

– Advertised to be not “sugary-sweet”. This is always a problem for me with sports drink.  I don;t eat or drink sugary things, so when I do I get a slimy coating in mouth that drives me crazy.

Only 2 grams of sugar. Even the less-sweet sports drinks I have found still have 12+ grams of sugar per serving.

I really liked the subtle flavor and look forward to trying the Lemon-Lime flavor.  I think I will like that more than the strawberry.


2 thoughts on “Time Trial

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  2. […] Thursday I did a time trial for my 25 mile bike and I wanted to do the same thing for the 10k run. I threw on my Team Jamba […]

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