Dealing with Guilt

Today I will be away from home from 7:30 AM until I don’t know when. Since my dad is picking me up at 7:30 this morning, I didn’t get a workout in. To do so and still be able to get myself showered and presentable, I would have been up before the sun – ON A SATURDAY.  Not okay in my book.

Even though I knew I wasn’t going to be able to workout this morning, I am feeling a little guilty.  I didn’t workout yesterday, either, and am feeling a little exercise guilt.  Ever happen to you? Yesterday my day got away from me when a quick trip to Costco turned into lunch and Produce Heaven with my brother. But I would say quality time with family is MUCH more important than a swim in the pool at the gym, right?

I think I am feeling extra guilty this week since I was on vacation for 4 days last weekend and have only had two workouts this week other than walking the dog.  Those workouts have both been great, though!

Tomorrow I am planning to do a 10k time trial like I did for my 25 mile bike ride. I am trying to look at things with glass half full mentality and think about how rested I will be for my 10k tomorrow. I have a tendency to beat myself up over slip ups in my workouts and nutrition. I always remind myself that you can’t go back in time and change things and the only thing you can do is do better tomorrow.

How do you deal with exercise or nutrition guilt?


One thought on “Dealing with Guilt

  1. Kate says:

    This was a timely post for me. I had a blah exercise week last week and had hoped to make it up this week. But then my one day trial turned into a three day trial, and I was a professional and emotional mess by the end, as well as totally exhausted. We did our 1:30 run yesterday, but I’m now accepting that it might be better for me all round to skip today’s 2:30 ride and start afresh- this torrential rain has got to be a sign!

    You are in very good shape post century, and a few blah patches won’t hurt. Just make Monday your start over day, and have fun!

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