12 Hour Reunion

Yesterday I got to see my best friend Shelley while she was in the area for a conference.  Last week Shelley emailed me that she had just found out she was going to be a conference in San Jose.  I immediately got excited about seeing her and having a slumber party in her hotel.

We spent some time catching up in the room before heading to Santana Row to walk around and grab some dinner.  After admiring all sorts of things we couldn’t afford at Anthropology, we settled in at Consuelo Mexican Bistro for dinner. Consuelo is described as featuring sophisticated Mexican cuisine.  The entrees had a strong French influence and the result was fabulous.  Shelley and I were guided by our awesome waiter, Jose, who was very honest with us about what was good and not so good on the menu.

We shared some table-side guacamole and I went with the scallops. Pan seared scallops served over corn-potatoe puree, sauted green beans, chayote squash, huitlacoche with epazote herb and roasted garlic sauce. OMG – thank you, Jose!  This was one of the best restaurant meals I have had in a long time. The veggies were so fresh, the scallops were perfectly cooked and the sauce was to-die-for. I wish I had taken a picture, but I was too busy chatting and eating. The portion size was perfect, too. Here’s me and my BFF last night.

And some way-back-when shots. Shelley and I have been friends since 2001, but I only have pics from 2004 and beyond on my my computer, so you will just have to pretend!

Just a few of the things I love about Shelley:
– Her humor: she is seriously the funniest person I know and makes me laugh constantly
– How I am always comfortable with her. No matter how long we have been apart, it takes no time at all to feel like we have not been apart a second.
– Her loyalty
– Her honesty

One thing I don’t like about Shelley:
– She lives in Denver and I live in Sacramento 😦


One thought on “12 Hour Reunion

  1. You’re going to make me cry! This just made my day. Thanks for coming to San Jose, bestie. You’re the best friend a girl could ever ask for.

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