1 Year Blogiversary

I can’t believe that today my blog is 1 year old! A lot has happened in the past year.  Here are some of the major highlights.

– Started the blog
– Went to Colorado for a bachelorette party (and then back for the wedding)
– Moved to Sacramento
– Was on TV (twice)
– Turned 26 and celebrated with family in my favorite place on earth
– Started a catering business with Aaron
– Started nannying
– Went to San Diego for NYE and a wedding
– Added a puppy to our family
– Trained for and rode a century ride
– Explored San Francisco with my love
– Got in a car accident and totaled my car and bought a new car
– Stopped nannying
– Added a new human and dog to our household
– Elected to Girls on the Run board of directors
– Joined Team Jamba Juice
– Went houseboating

Throughout the week I will be sharing some of my favorite posts including everything from vacations to favorite workouts and recipes. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to another year of Modernation!


2 thoughts on “1 Year Blogiversary

  1. Amanda says:

    Happy blogiversary! What an amazing year!

  2. What a great year! Excited for another one with modernation. Loved seeing you on Mon. Can’t wait for Chicago.

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