Something’s Missing

When I was packing for my trip to San Jose to see Shelley, I made sure to pack my workout clothes. I knew Shelley would be leaving early yesterday morning to head to the conference and I would have some time to kill as I waited out the morning traffic.

But, when I was getting dressed in the morning, something was missing.

I only packed ONE sock. Doh!  I hate that.  I did that a couple months ago and working out without socks it such a gross feeling.  But I wasn’t going to sit around on my butt just because of a silly old sock. I went without and headed to the hotel gym.

I was pretty impressed with the hotel gym. It was small, but had 3 treadmills, two ellipticals and a couple bikes. And all the cardio machines had their own TVs so I got to watch the Today while I did 35 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. They also had a good selection of free weights, medicine balls, a stability ball and a cable tower. I did a 30 minute circuit after cardio and then some ab work and stretching.

By the end of my workout I could feel my shoes rubbing on my bare feet, but all in all it was worth the discomfort to get in a good workout.  And it worked out perfect because I had no traffic on the drive home!


One thought on “Something’s Missing

  1. So glad you got your workout in and missed the traffic. I only wished I could have joined you! Remember, you can always borrow socks from me, bestie. 🙂

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