Feeling Like a Slacker

I will admit it, this past week I have been feeling like a slacker. I don’t like to be too hard on myself for a couple reasons:

1). I am really healthy and active 90% of the time and
2). There is nothing you can do to go back in time and change past behaviors, so why waste time dwelling on them?

I am writing this just to get it out there and off my chest in the hopes it snaps me out of the funk I am feeling as a result of being off my normal schedule.  This week I indulged more than normal in both food and alcohol. Here’s a look at what went down:

Monday night – dinner out with my BFF Shelley complete with sangria and Ben and Jerry’s.
Wednesday night – over the top incredible dinner in Napa with my family to celebrate my late gramma, Nonni’s life. Eats included oysters and beer at Hog Island Oyster Co. (I don’t think we can go to Napa or SF without a stop here ever again).  Followed  by a 4-course Italian feast including frito misto, fried olives (amazing), green bean salad, fig and blue cheese pizza, three kinds of pasta and dessert. Oh, and lots of wine. Did I mention this was a Wednesday!! The portions of everything were small, but there was a ton of food, nonetheless.
Friday afternoon/evening – Since it was Friday we felt the urge to hit up happy hour.  We did it last week and it was a success, so why not do it again? We went to a Mexican place and proceeded to devour chips and salsa, beers and bean soup. And then topped it all off with froyo.
Sunday night – I had a craving for candy and couldn’t stop eating sour candy

Every indulgence above was totally worth it, but I tend to feel off when my normal schedule gets disturbed. I have a pretty regular schedule, so this many changes in one week will normally throw me off.  One way I maintain my sanity and keep myself from totally going off track is to keep up with my workouts.  And this week I still got in a solid 5 workouts for the week:

Sunday: 6 mile run
Tuesday: 35 minute treadmill intervals, strength
Thursday: 16 mile bike ride
Friday: 4 mile run
Saturday: Manual labor (hauling compost) and 45 minute strength circuit

This week I am going to do everything I can to clean up my eating and crank up my workouts.  I have one lunch and one dinner planned out, but nothing major. The weather has been really hot lately, which has also contributed to me feeling off. I will also be focusing on staying hydrated and rested. That means naps if I feel the urge!


One thought on “Feeling Like a Slacker

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