Handling the Heat

Today is going to be the second 100 degree+ day of the summer.  Yesterday hit 103 and today will be right around that temp again. It looks like I am going to start having to set my alarm for my morning workouts. Working from home means I can wake up naturally between 7 and 8 and get right to work (or exercising). This morning I headed out for a run around 7:45, but it was already really hot.  I brought water with me, but my body just couldn’t handle going very far. I made it 2 miles with a few walking breaks. Better than nothing, right?

My run got me thinking about running in the heat because I will be doing a lot of that over the next couple of months.  Here are some of my tips and tips I have collected over the years.

– Do it early! The morning is the coolest time of day because you never know when/if the temps will cool down later. Last night it was still 87 degrees when I went to bed.
– Slow down. Take it easy and don;t push too hard. If it is really hot, you won’t be able to run your fastest. Take walk breaks and pace yourself.
– Hydrate before, during and after. Keeping yourself hydrated is so important when it is hot whether you are exercising or not. Drink lots of water, consider a sports drink during or after your workout and eat water-rich foods.  I just stocked up on melon, grapes and strawberries to help keep me cool and hydrated throughout the day.
-Don’t force it. Forcing a run when it is too hot can set you back for days. If I push too hard in the heat I get really bad headaches and feel sluggish the next day, too.
– Switch it up. Too hot for a run? Do something else.  Go for a swim, do an indoor workout or go to the gym.

Slacker Update
Last night and this morning I was feeling like a slacker.  But I am feeling revived! Even a short run this morning helped.  And then I went to the grocery stores and restocked our fridge with healthy food. A little old lady pushed her cart past me in the produce section and stopped to tell me “You eat really healthy”.  She was really proud of me! That one little comment made me feel proud, too!


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