Sometimes you have to get creative to make sure you get your workout in.  Today was one of those days.  After staying up too late and drinking too much beer and wine last night, I was not really in the exercise mood. But I also knew it would feel so good to sweat our some of my indulgences. I thought about going for a run around the neighborhood, but in my heart I knew I would probably cut my run short due to lack of motivation. But then I came up with a solution!

I decided to have Aaron drop me at a park a few miles from our house on his way to football practice.  That way the only way I would be able to get home is with my own two feet! It also meant I would have a fresh new place to run. I had Aaron drop Cash and I off at the park.

The two of us walked around the park for a bit to let Cash get lots of sniffing in and then we wogged the 2.5 miles home.  We jogged pretty much the whole way with a few stops to share water out of the water bottle I brought. Yes, I share a water bottle with my dog when we run together. I can’t bring two bottles, and neither of us want to go without for a whole run.  Guess what?  I also let him kiss me on the lips! So there!  But I also brush his teeth regularly and dogs’ mouths are cleaner than human mouths, anyways. I guess I should be glad he lets me kiss him with my dirty human mouth!

All in all, we were out and about for 31 minutes and covered a little over 2.5 miles. It was wonderful!  So glad I decided to have Aaron leave me stranded 2.5 miles from home.  I will be doing it again!


One thought on “Stranded!

  1. iam1sweetp says:

    That is awesome! Sounds like fun – for the both of you. I am attempting to lose weight and I am lacking the motivation to get my butt up in the morning to work out. Any suggestions would be awesome!


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