Yoga in the Park

Wow!  What a great way to start the weekend off right! Yoga in the Park was started by Gina Garcia in 2009 and is offered every Saturday at McKinley Park in Sacramento. It’s a free, powerful vinyasa yoga class that takes place right by the park’s beautiful rose garden!

The weather this morning was seriously perfect.  There was a light breeze that made it sound like the trees were clapping for us as we went through each pose.  Gina was really encouraging and positive and everyone in the class had a great attitude. The class included A LOT of ab work, which I really liked.

By the end of class I was exhausted and relaxed at the same time.  74 people attended the class, which was a record for the class. I wasn’t sure if practicing in the park would be distracting or not – but it wasn’t. I think it is so wonderful that Gina offers these free classes to anyone who wants to practice.  I will definitely be going back to this class as often as possible!


One thought on “Yoga in the Park

  1. […] It’s free! Kind of the theme of the weekend, huh?  First the free concert in the park, then free yoga in the park, and now a free run! Somehow we have still managed to spend a lot of money this weekend.  Funny […]

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