Workout Recap

I have been documenting all of my workouts in my Google Calendar so I can keep track of what I do when.  Here is what I was able to fit in last week (FYI my week runs from Monday-Sunday)

Monday: 2 mile run
Tuesday: 4 mile run + 14 mile bike
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 2.5 mile run with the dog
Friday: 45 minute at-home strength routine + 9 miles easy bike ride

Saturday: 75 minutes power yoga in the park
Sunday: 5 mile run (race) in 44:57

I like looking back at the week as a whole rather than each day individually. It is easy to beat yourself up if you skip a workout one day. But, if you look at the week all together, that day might have been the perfect rest day (i.e., I didn’t exercise on Wednesday which worked out great because it was the day after my hardest workout).

All in all, I got in 13.5 miles of running, 23 miles of riding, some strength work and a yoga session. Looking back at the whole week also give me the opportunity to see where I want to improve for the coming week. This week I would like to add more strength work, and more running miles. I am trying to build up my base to 20-25 miles a week before I begin marathon training.

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