Farmers Market Lunch Break

If you know me or have been reading the blog for a little while, you know I love the Farmers Market. Saturdays in Davis, Sundays under the freeway, it doesn’t matter to me! But, if the market has Kettle Korn, they get bonus points.

During the summer there is a mid-week farmers market in Downtown Sacramento. Most weekday markets fall in the evening, so having one from 10-2 on a Wednesday is something new for me. This morning I asked Aaron if he wanted to go check out the market since the weather was perfect.  I did all of our grocery shopping for the week yesterday before I planned to visit the farmers market today, so we didn’t have anything we needed to buy, but I wanted to go anyways.

We walked around and browsed all the stalls, sampling cherries and blackberries. I was really impressed with how many farmers were there. After browsing and buying Kettle Korn (drool), we decided to check out the food vendors and have lunch in the park. We settled on the Gyro place. Aaron had a gyro sandwich and I had a chicken gyro sandwich. Yummy!

It was fun to see people at the farmers market walking around in suits and ties and carrying fresh produce back to their downtown offices. I think having a midday, midweek market in downtown is wonderful and opens up the farmers market to a whole new set of shoppers.

What you don’t see in the photo above is the 2 foot long bag of Kettle Korn I have in my hand. That was the smallest size they had, I swear ;). My goal is to make the bag last a few days. I have a bad habit of starting to eat the Kettle Korn and not stopping until I am SICK!  Here’s hoping!


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