Setting Myself Up for Success

This morning on my ride I got to thinking a lot about marathon training. My training plan begins in just about 5 weeks, and right now I am trying to do all I can to set myself up for success.  I want to have all my ducks in a row before training starts so I am not scrambling or stressed out during training.  Here are some of the efforts I am making to prepare:

– Building my running base: I am aiming to be running 25 miles a week by the time training starts. This is tough, but I am building gradually, a few extra miles each week.  I am juggling this with cross training so I am not sick of running before I start the long 16 weeks of training.

– Strong core, strong body: A strong core is essential for efficient running and also helps you avoid injury. I am notoriously bad about doing core work and am challenging myself to focus on strengthening my core over the next 5 weeks (and during training, too).  I am also going to be working on total body strength which also helps running performance.

– Flexibility: Another thing I am notoriously bad about is stretching. This is a habit I need to make a priority morning and night, and after each run. I plan to take advantage of free yoga in the park every Saturday and 20 minute downloads from YogaDownload.

– Nutrition: While I generally eat clean, healthy food, there are always improvements that can be made. I get excited to research what foods provide the best fuel for the event I am training for. I hope to make some tweaks and have a nutrition strategy laid out before I begin training, focusing on what I need, not what I can’t have.

– Gear: I have a lot of gear I need want for marathon training.  My birthday is August 22nd, so if you want to send me something, here are some ideas 😉 JK, of course!

Garmin 305

New Shoes and Professional Fitting – I haven’t been fit for running shoes for years, and I haven’t found a pair I really loved since these Asics DS Trainers (which they don’t make anymore).

Handheld Water Bottle. I have used Fuel Belts in the past, but I want to give the handheld a shot – having to strap the belt around my waist can be annoying.

Any other tips or gear you would recommend?


5 thoughts on “Setting Myself Up for Success

  1. Joanna says:

    I really enjoy your blog! Keep it up! I’m very pro-moderation

  2. Kate says:

    I think you’ve got all your running bases covered! I would like a handheld too, I hate fuel belts, so I normally rely on water fountains or sometimes the camelbak.

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