This morning I had a yoga buddy at Yoga in the Park. This guy:

Last night as we were walking to frozen yogurt he said he was going to come with me! I was so happy. Yoga is usually something I do by myself (well, and the dozens of strangers in my classes), and having a partner in crime is always welcomed – especially if it is Aaron.

The class was very popular again (how could free, outdoor yoga not be popular?). We made our way to the back of the class and were in the sun for the entire class.  It kind of made it like hot yoga. Just like last week, the class was challenging.

Right around the middle of class, we had a few minutes of free-flow. While most of the class was flowing from crescent lunge to down dog, I did something I have never been able to accomplish in yoga before – I held CROW!

The last couple of months, crow has eluded me in yoga. I will get one foot off the ground, but when I lift my second foot, I fall out of the pose immediately. Today I just did it! As I hopped up into crow like it was nothing, Aaron just said, “Wow!” That made me feel so cool (although I a far from it).

I managed to hold crow a few times and was so happy throughout the rest of class. I never really feel like I make progress in yoga, but today was different! I think it’s because I had my good luck charm with me!

When was the last time you accomplished something you thought was impossible?


One thought on “Progress

  1. When was the last time you accomplished something you thought was impossible? My 5K! I’ve never been a “runner”. But now that I’ve started I don’t want to stop. I’m stunned.

    The sun=instant hot yoga! I’m glad you both got to go enjoy the class together. 🙂

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