Weekly Workout Recap

Let me tell you, I am loving writing my workouts in my Google Calendar everyday. I have recently started doing a better job of organizing and utilizing my Google Calendar. I am on my computer so much, I might as well store my life’s comings and goings there, right? And how can you beat color coded calendars? I have a calendar for:

Dude Food
Girls on the Run
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Some weeks, there is a lot going on, and I like keeping everything straight. As far as workouts go, this week got off to a slow start thanks to the 4th of July weekend. But I finished strong!

Monday Nada – botched rafting plans took the wind out of my sails and I didn’t have it in me to do anything.

Tuesday Weights + 35 minute sweaty spin workout.

Wednesday Rest (no real reason, my day just got away from me) – long walk with the dogs, though.

Thursday 7-mile run

Friday 13.5 mile bike ride

Saturday 75 minute power Vinyasa yoga

Sunday 2.5 mile run (was supposed to be 4, but it just wasn’t in the cards) + 1.6 mile walk with the dogs

Not bad for the week after a holiday. Still need more running. I have figured out that to fit in 25 miles a week, you really need to plan! Which I will be doing more of. I need to schedule some back-to-back running day to prepare for marathon training, anyways.

Here’s to another great, active week!


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