Listening to My Body

Yesterday I talked about the benefits of morning workouts. The drawback of morning workouts (like Lisa commented) is that by the end of the week they can leave you totally exhausted. I totally agree which is why I was really hoping to take a nap yesterday to get me through the final push for the week. I didn’t get that nap in, and when my alarm went off this morning my body was begging for rest.

I knew if I woke up and pushed through 5 miles it wouldn’t be pretty. As much as I encourage morning workouts, I encourage listening to your body even more. At the beginning of the week I laid out a plan for my runs for the week and have stuck to that plan so far. But a plan is just a plan, not written in stone. My current plan is to try to get my bosy ready for the rigors of marathon training, but I don’t want to push it too hard before training even begins.

So I pushed snooze (and didn’t even feel bad about it) and slept until 8:30!!! As important as having a plan is, it is even more important to be prepared to be flexible and listen to your body.


One thought on “Listening to My Body

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