Only A Crazy Person

Only a crazy person looks forward to a weekday on a Friday. I guess I’m crazy!

While sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine (it was 5 o’clock, I swear), I started to get excited about Tuesday?! That’s right! Not that I am not also looking forward to the weekend. I have some fun things going on this weekend:

– Swimming with an old friend and her 11 month old baby (holy cuteness)
– End of season softball pot luck party
– Biological BBQ with my family on Sunday (read: stuffing my face with the best food you can find in California)
– Free Yoga in the Park
– 8 more miles to tackle to meet my mileage goal (5 tomorrow, 3 Sunday)

But there are some exciting things coming up on Tuesday:

– The weather will drop 15 degrees (from the 100s to the high 80s)
– I have been coordinating a news spot for Girl on the Run and Tuesday is the day we are filming.
– Meeting about a potential new project

I think I might be most excited about the drop in temps. I don’t like the way the heat makes me feel.  Even though I drink tons of water, I constantly feel tired and get headaches.  Today I have been staying inside in the AC, took a rest day and still feel exhausted and have a lingering headache.

Wine to the rescue!

Happy Friday and hope I have lots of fun things to report after Tuesday!


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