Rough Start, Strong Finish

It isn’t about how you start, it’s about how you finish. This morning’s run started out rough, but I finished strong. I woke up with a scratchy throat and feeling like I might have a fever. But I hit the pavement anyway, hoping to pound out 5 miles. The first couple miles were iffy, but when I hit my turn around point, I was feeling strong. It wasn’t my fastest 5 miles, but it felt good.

I got in an extra 1.5 mile wog with the dog when I got home.

If that wasn’t enough, I kept it going. My brother and his friends were competing in a relay this morning, the Eppies Great Race. The race is a Run-Bike-Kayak triathlon and you can compete as an individual or a team of three. My brother was bringing up the rear with the kayak leg.

I decided to ride my bike to 6ish miles to see my brother finish. It was such a good idea, too. Not only did I get some extra exercise in, I was able to avoid all the traffic and parking nightmare and ride right to the finish. Here is my wonderful brother finishing strong:

Love that guy! He has been so supportive in all of my races – both donating generously and coming to cheer me on! I love having a big brother!

After chatting about the race for a bit, I got back on the saddle and pedaled home. I realized that today I basically did two legs of the race without ever registering. I ran 6 miles and biked 12 miles. After all the exercise, I relaxed with friend and their babies at the pool.

Now we are off to an end of season softball potluck. I have barely stopped moving all day, and I love it! I will sleep good tonight!


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