Best Foods for Runners

While gearing up for marathon training, I have been doing a lot of research on the best foods for runners. I want to do everything I can to set myself up for success. I did the same thing for my first century ride and got really into it. Here are some of the foods I have found are the best for runners. Some are already part of my diet, and others I don’t eat regularly but plan to incorporate.

Old Faves:
Eggs – perfect protein. May favorite after a run
Almonds – snacky snacky – or roasted flaxseed almond butter!
Black beans – beans may be the best food ever. If the world ever comes to an end I hope my pantry is full of beans. Black are my favorite, too. Fiber, carbs, protein all in one!
Whole grain bread and pasta – quick and easy meals
Yogurt – Greek yogurt is my favorite with my cranberry cashew flaxseed granola
Oatmeal – I haven’t been eating oatmeal lately.
Quinoa – high protein, high fiber whole grain
Dark chocolate – nuff said

New Additions:
Sweet potatoes – I like TJs sweet potato chips, but plan to eat more of it in its natural state
Kale – I have always been intrigued, but scared of the green (silly, I know)
Buckwheat pasta – stir fry, baby!

Any good fitness foods to add to the list?  What else should I try?


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