Weekly Workout Recap

This morning I finished off my week of exercise with a 3.2 mile run. It wasn’t the prettiest, but I made it. I did two 1.6 miles loops around the hood. My goal was to do the second loop faster than the first. I finished the first in 15:45 and the second in 14:45 for a total time of 30:30. Here is a look at the week as a whole:

Monday: REST
Tuesday: 5 mile run + 25 minute fast walk with the dogs
Wednesday: 3.1 mile run
Thursday: 13 mile ride
Friday: REST + dog walk
Saturday: 5 mile run + 1.5 mile wog + 12 mile ride
Sunday: 3.2 mile run

Let’s see how I did on my goals I set early in the week.

  • Do some sort of exercise everyday Tuesday-Sunday – Pretty good. Rested on Friday because I listened to my body
  • Run a minimum of 16 miles – YAY! Hit 16.3
  • Yoga in the Park on Saturday – didn’t make it because I wanted to support my brother in his race Saturday – so worth it!
  • Two strength sessions – dropped the ball on strength. I did some short workouts at home, but was really more focused on my mileage. I need to improve here.
  • Minimum of two cross training sessions (cycling/spin) – success. 2 bike rides for 25 total miles.

All in all, a very good week.  This was the best workout week I have had in awhile. I attribute that to having a plan!

Off for a day with family today – have a great Sunday!


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