Making it up as I go

After two days of rest, I was ready to hit the road again. Monday I was recovering from a night of little sleep and lots of time in the bathroom.  Yesterday was just a really busy day and my schedule made exercise tough (plus I thought a second day of rest couldn’t hurt).

Last night as Aaron and I were laying in bed, he asked how far I was going to run today. I told him I was just going to head out and see how I felt. I knew it could go either way – I would either feel really tired and cut it short, or I could feel rejuvenated from two days of rest. Luckily, it was the latter!

In addition to not knowing how I was going to feel, the trail I normally run is closed July 18-August 24th, so I had to kind of ing it on my route. I ran along the river on a trail I haven’t run since the fall.

I forgot how much I loved the trail. It is a great trail to run in the summer because it was pretty much completely shaded. I also got to see some cute puppies playing in the river.

I wound up covering 4.62 miles in 43 minutes for a 9:18 pace.


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