Spontaneous Boot Camp

This morning I woke up to head out on a run, but just wasn’t motivated. I wasn’t sure which route I wanted to take or how many miles to run. I swear, having a plan makes such a difference! Last week I didn’t have to worry about those questions because I had a plan. This week I wasn’t able to make a plan because I started out the week sick and wanted to see how my body felt each day.

To mix things up and keep it interesting, I remembered the Do Anywhere Workout. I have been neglecting my strength training and I really miss it. I love strength training and know how important it is, too.

I grabbed my resistance band, shoved it in my waistband and headed out for a spontaneous boot camp session.  I ran 1.2 miles to the park and got to work kick my butt.  I did two rounds of the following circuit:

Bench push ups (10)
Step ups on bench (30, alternating legs)
Tricep dips on bench (15)
Walking lunges (24)
Lateral raises (15)
Single leg kick backs (15 each leg)
4 x 30 second sprints

After the bootcamp I jogged home 1.14 miles. My legs were jello! The bootcamp session wore me out! My heart rate was up the entire time. The workout took a total of 45 minutes and I burned 535 calories. I am sure my legs will be sore tomorrow from the step ups and lunges! Love that!

This workout just goes to show you that you don’t need much to get a good workout. All I needed was a patch of grass, a bench and a resistance band. The power of your own body weight is a wonderful thing!

It’s almost the weekend! So glad I don’t have much planned for the weekend – last weekend really took it out of me!


One thought on “Spontaneous Boot Camp

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