Independence Day Remix

This morning’s run was a recreation of my 4th of July 5-miler. I have been feeling a little off all week, like I have a head cold. Part of me wanted to sleep in, but I had a meeting at 10 and I knew running would help wake me up and make me more alert than sleeping in. So off I went on the road.

I decided to start off slow and recreate the route through the neighborhood that we took for the 5-miler. That way, if I needed to I could cut the run short and head home easily.  I changed the route a little so I could start and finish from home.

I wound up covering 4.59 miles in 45 minutes for a 9:48 pace. Not great, but better than I expected. Side note – my legs are super sore from my spontaneous boot camp session yesterday – and I love it. Does anyone else feel really productive when they are sore after a workout? Sometimes if I am not sore after a strength session I feel like it was a waste (even though I know it’s not).

What are you up to this weekend?  I am super excited because we got word that our dear friends Carlye and Charlie are coming to visit on their way through town. We don’t know yet if they will be here tomorrow or Sunday, but I don’t care – I will take what I can get.I miss them so much! We haven’t seen them since New Years when they put us up when we were in San Diego for our friends’ wedding.

Carlye and Aaron have been friends for a decade and she and I became fast friends as soon as Aaron and I started dating.  Carlye may or may not have been responsible for getting Aaron and I together ;).  Carlye and I used to work together and most importantly always laugh together. Carlye is also my half marathon buddy, and we have done 3 half marathons together. I like to take responsibility for her half marathon career and can’t wait till we can do another one together in the future.

Yes – I always have to have a beer at the end of every race. At road races, Aaron drops us off at the start and then heads out to grab ice and beer and wait for us at the finish line. Now that is support!

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