Testing the Waters and Goals for the Week

I have been resting the last few days since getting a bit of a chest/head cold. As usual, rest and red wine was the only medicine I needed. And some quality time with these goof balls helped too!

The weather today was perfection! We really lucked out – it was maybe 80 degrees, tops and there was a nice breeze. After breakfast with Carlye and Charlie and a day full of work, I was craving some movement. This evening I grabbed Cash and we went for a short wog.

I didn’t want to push either of us too hard since he had a long walk this morning and I had been under the weather the last few days. I really just wanted to test the waters so I could set my goals for the week. I have some optimistic goals, but after only fitting in 3 days of exercise and 11.55 miles last week, I am aiming high!

Run 20 miles (this is a lofty goal, but I think I can do it)
– Finish the week with an 8 mile long run
– 3 yoga sessions (2 at home, yogadownload podcasts + 1 yoga in the park)
– 2 at-home strength training sessions (getting to the gym for weights just isn’t realistic lately)
Core, core, core!

What do you think? Sounds doable? Obviously, if I start to feel under the weather again, I will back off. Part of me thinks I could have a really great week since I should be well rested. Tomorrow I am aiming to start off with 4 miles!


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