Fresh Legs Go Faster

This morning I went on my first run since Friday – and it was great! As I predicted, having fresh legs can be a good thing. I just looked at my marathon training plan, and it doesn’t look like I have much of a taper. I guess 12 miles the week before the race is a nice break compared to 22 miles three weeks before the race.

Last night I set a mileage goal of 20 miles for the week, and instead of just winging it, I planned out my week a little further. This is a view of my “Planned Workouts” calendar on iCal:

I also want to tackle a longer run this week, so I planned accordingly. Planning is the best way for me to hit my exercise/training goals.

When I headed out this morning, I also was hoping to finish the 4 miles in 36 minutes – a 9 minute/mile pace. I am trying to work on making my shorter runs faster. I don’t start formal speed training (track workouts) until October, but I want to work on my pace whenever possible.

I finished 4.02 miles in 35:40 for a 8:52/mile pace. I was happy! And tired and sweaty! It felt so good to stretch. Still on the calendar for the day is a YogaDownload. I am hoping to cross that off the list later this afternoon.


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