New Route, New Playlist, New Pace

A lot of my running routes are out and back and encompass long stretches of the same old, same old. I don’t even have to think about where I am going or how far I have gone. That means it is easy to zone out and not focus on my speed or form. I decided to change that today. I had 3 miles on my schedule for the day and mapped out a new route on

I zigged and zagged my way through my neighborhood.

Having to remember a new route and pay attention to where I was and when to turn meant I stayed engaged throughout my entire run. I also tried to keep my pace up and finished 3.18 miles in 27:15 – an 8:34/mile pace. Running “fast” is hard! I really pushed myself and reminded myself that it isn’t supposed to be easy – if it was easy, everyone would do it! Plus, I knew it would be over in less than 30 minutes!  The scary part is that 8:34 is the exact pace I would need to run for 26.2 miles in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Ay yi yi!

Also new on this run? My playlist. I have had the same playlist on my iPod for quite some time. Running 3-4 days a week the last few weeks means I have gotten bored with my tunes. Songs that used to be my powersongs do nothing for me know. Here are some of the new songs I added:

California Gurls – Katy Perry
King of Anything – Sara Barellias
Dynamite – Taio Cruz
Alejandro – Lady Gaga
Impossible – Shontelle
Club Can’t Handle Me  – Flo Rida

Want to know how I choose new songs for my iPod? I go to iTunes and pull up the Top 100 songs from different genres like Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, and Dance. I browse through the songs and any that have a good beat and good tempo make it to my playlist. I do not discriminate against artists or genres – if it makes me want to move, I rock it!

After my run I took Cash for a long walk and came home to breakfast number 2 courtesy of Aaron! Scrambled eggs with turkey, spinach, onion and pepper jack cheese with some yummy breakfast taters! Today is off to a good start.


One thought on “New Route, New Playlist, New Pace

  1. bridgette says:

    Sounds good! I like reading your running posts, it pumps me up for training! I did a 3 miler today and finished with strides. I keep doing visualizations towards the end of my runs…I am looking at my watch and it reads 3:39:58, or some variation of that!

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