Foods I Want to Cook

While I eat a wide variety of foods, including fruit, vegetables, protein and different types of grains, I will admit that I have certain standbys I stick to. I wouldn’t say I am in a food rut because I am never bored with my food. But, I have fallen into the easy trap of rotating the same old standbys. It makes meal planning and grocery shopping easy.

I am on a mission to try new recipes, or old recipes with new ingredients. I love pretty much any kind of food (other than maple syrup).  Here are some of the ingredients and recipes I want to try in the near future:

Kale: this superfood has been on my radar for a long time, but has intimidated me. Plus, I always forget about it at the grocery store when I automatically grab for spinach.

Spring Rolls: I love fresh spring rolls from Thai restaurants and think they could be pretty easy to make at home.

Sushi: I have been craving sushi lately, but it is just too expensive to eat regularly. I would love to learn how to make it at home!

Soba Noodles: I am always interested in new grains to keep things interesting. I see some seared ahi over cold soba noodle salad in the works!

Sweet Potatoes: I have had sweet potatoes at restaurants and purchased frozen sweet potato fries from the grocery store. This week I purchased my first real sweet potato (kind of embarrassed about this fact), chopped it up and roasted it for 20 minutes in the oven. I topped it with non-fat Greek yogurt, green onions and salt and pepper. It was perfection! There will be a lot more sweet potatoes in my future.

Indian Food: Not sure what I would make, but sounds like a fun project!

What foods should I be trying? What are you loving right now?


2 thoughts on “Foods I Want to Cook

  1. we love making sushi at home–check out recipes here:

    it’s really not that hard!

    I also want to try Spring Rolls at of these days..

  2. Kate says:

    Funny- my “to try” list also includes sushi and spring rolls. Some of my other must-makes:

    – hummus (I only just got a food processor, and haven’t used it nearly enough)
    – “proper” gravy, from scratch
    – my own stock
    – homemade tortillas (haven’t done this since I was a kid)

    Until recently, my list also included crumpets, but I’ve made those now!

    Husband makes a lot of Indian food. We had a delicious pea and paneer dish recently, or else we make lamb or chickpea curries. And gotta have homemade naan or chapati!

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