Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Remember the other day when I wrote about the gross conditions at professional sports venues? Well guess what I did last night? I went to a baseball game!

Aaron and I went to watch our local minor league team – the River Cats – take on the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. And I ate there! Luckily the study I reported on did not cover minor league ballparks, so I could play dumb! The original plan was to go to happy hour somewhere else and then head to the ball park. That way I could eat something other than a hot dog. We didn’t leave the house early enough and had to go to the park before the game to buy tickets, so we decided to just head into the park early. It was Thirsty Thursday, so we took advantage of the $2 beers.

I haven’t been to a River Cats game since high school, and we had a great time. We had great seats and the weather could not have been better.

I wound up eating two salmon tacos which seemed like the best choice since I had a 5 mile run on the agenda for this morning. I also took it easy on the $2 beers in anticipation of the run. The tacos didn’t hold me over, but I resisted the garlic fries and had a snack of turkey, cheese and crackers when I got home.

This morning’s run was 5.07 miles and I finished in 48:30 for a 9:33 pace. The first 2o minutes were rough. My legs felt heavy from my strength session yesterday, a little less sleep than normal and not being ideally fueled and hydrated. Minutes 20-30 were a blur (I don’t even remember them). But the last 18 minutes were perfection. My body finally got into its groove and I finished strong.


3 thoughts on “Do As I Say, Not As I Do

  1. bridgette says:

    I have qactually never had toenails fall off…just really gnarly blood blisters. Eww.

  2. You forgot the most important part – did the River Cats or my CO Springs Sky Sox win?!

    Good job on holding back. It’s always hard when your plan changes and you have to wing it.

    p.s. your hair looks so cute wavy like that, you should do it more often.

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