Training for Training

As of Thursday, I am officially registered for the 28th Annual California International Marathon.

This is my first marathon, and possibly my only marathon. Running a marathon is on my bucket list, and this seemed like the perfect year and perfect race to cross it off the list. Being in my home town, I hope to have a lot of support to cheer me across that finish line!

Currently I am preparing for training which officially starts on August 16th. I have been building up my mileage and today I tackled my longest run in a don’t know how long – 8 miles. My goal for the day was to start to get my routine down and practice my hydration, fuel and recovery plan. My pace was not a concern – I am working on my pace during shorter runs and slowing the pace down a little during longer runs.

I fueled up with my traditional almond butter toast with half a banana and coffee with milk and then hit the road. I brought with me a bottle of water mixed with some Hammer Perpetuem and a Clif Shot

I drank the Perpetuem throughout the run and had the gel around mile 4. I finished the run in 1:21:30 which included a short walk break to take the gel and a detour for the bathroom mid run.I felt great covering the distance!

The other part of training I practiced when I got home? ICE BATH! I haven’t had an ice bath for so long! I have a love-hate relationship with ice baths. They work wonders, but hurt like hell! I spent 15 minutes in the ice water with green tea and Runner’s World. I am going to have to get used to weekly ice baths during training!

I am getting excited for training and feel like I am as mentally prepared as I can be.  Now I am off to eat a nummy breakfast Aaron whipped up for me and enjoy the rest of my Sunday.  I see a nap in my future and some wine on the menu tonight! Have a great Sunday.  Can you believe it is August already?! My birth month has arrived!!!!


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