Workout Recap July 26 – Aug 1

August?! Seriously? I cannot believe it. And I really can’t believe that we have almost lived in Sacramento for a year!  Time to recap my workouts for the week. Let’s take a look at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the week:

Run 20 miles
– Finish the week with an 8 mile long run
– 3 yoga sessions
– 2 at-home strength training sessions
Core, core, core!

Here is what I actually did:

Tuesday: 4 mile run, 20 minute stretch/yoga
Wednesday: 3.18 mile run
Thursday: Strength + 20 minutes yoga + core
Friday: 5.07 mile run
Saturday: 75 minute power vinyasa yoga
Sunday: 8 mile run

– I accomplished my mileage and long run goals, which were my top priorities. This is the most weekly mileage I have ran in a long time, so I will be doing a check in with my body tomorrow (my rest day) to see how I am feeling.

– I did a decent job with yoga and stretching, but could always do more.

– I only did one formal strength workout, but yoga always leaves my body sore and is a good upper body workout.

– Need to focus more on core. I did some core work on Thursday and in Saturday’s yoga class, but want to do more!

I am not ready to create my plan for the upcoming week, yet but will work on it tomorrow! Is it wine time yet?


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