Rest Day Check In

Mondays aren’t so bad when you get to sleep in and call it a rest day. I really like having Monday as a rest day. I work harder on the weekends, and it makes Monday a little more bearable. Last week I ran a total of 20.25 miles – the most I have done in a long time.

I wanted to make sure to check in with my my body today to gauge how I was feeling after running 20 miles, plus an 8 mile run yesterday. The verdict? I FELL GREAT! I am not even sore from my long run yesterday. I swear – ice baths are miracle workers. I think I would have been sore if I had not sucked it up and sat in ice water for 15 minutes right after my run yesterday.

So, what’s on the agenda this week? I am going to try to increase my mileage again this week to 24 miles. This is my last full week of “training for training” because next Thursday I leave for Chicago for 4 days. I think it will work great to increase my mileage once more before training and use next week as a mini taper before training kicks off. That way I will be well rested but also mentally and physically ready for the mileage of the first few weeks of training.

Here is the plan, which is subject to change as needed:

Monday: Light yoga, core, strength + walk with dog
Tuesday: 6 miles + core
Wednesday: 4 miles + yoga
Thursday: Yoga + strength + core
Friday: 3 miles
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: 3 miles + yoga

Going to try to improve upon my yoga, core and strength work from last week. Even just a few minutes of each most days will be a good thing. Push ups and planks, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Rest Day Check In

  1. I like that you include “walk with dog;” I always tell my runners that counts. Every mile counts, even walking. It’s cross training and a great, low intensity way to add miles that are not going to cause injury. Good job!

    You get a gold star for the icing, too. That ice bath takes courage, but as you’ve discovered, the payoff is worth it.

    • modernation says:

      Thanks Deb! Yes – walking is great active recovery. Good to get the blood flowing after a long run without worrying about impact. Plus, it is mental therapy and a great way to start the day! Dogs don’t care that it is Monday, they are just happy to be outside!

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