What I Do Know

I typically think that I need to go on at least a one hour ride when I head out on my bike. That is the amount of time I feel it takes to make all the prep and gear worth the effort. Guess what?  I was wrong! (shocker, I know!)

Tonight I went for a short ride. And when you go for a short ride, it doesn’t take that long to get ready. In a matter of 5 minutes I threw on a pair of bike shorts and a tank top, grabbed my water bottle, pumped up my tires and was on the road. No meed for filling a camelbak, packing snacks or any of the work it takes to get ready for a long ride.

I rode this ride for relaxation, enjoyment and recovery. I cannot tell you how far I rode, how fast or even my exact route. What I do know is this…

I know I had a great time riding around my neighborhood for 40 minutes

I know I am glad I decided to go for the ride (I was tempted to stay home)

I know I found a new deli I want to try

I know I won’t talk dirty about short bike rides ever again!

What do you know?


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