I Like Staying In

I love going out to dinner, but I also like staying in! Tonight we were throwing around ideas of what to have for dinner or where to go for dinner. Surprisingly, I really didn’t feel like going out. We had to go to the market anyway for beer and wine (of course), so we came home with lots of goodies for dinner:

Arancini Bites and Marinara Sauce for appetizer. Prociutto, artichoke hearts, ciabatta rolls and goat cheese for panini. We will throw in a salad for good measure, too! Love these little guys from Trader Joes. They are a treat (120 calories, 5 grams of fat per 2).  I had 4! I looked at the nutrition facts after!

This morning Cash and I went for a 3 mile wog.  It was nice and relaxing – and slow.  I liked it, though! It took us 37 minutes, about 10 minutes longer than it would have taken me alone.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend of laying in the backyard, a short run or two, a bike ride and heading to the Festa Italiana (the highlight of the weekend).


One thought on “I Like Staying In

  1. Kate says:

    For a treat food those aren’t TOO calorific. They look really yummy- and I’m sure the arancini I buy in restaurants is more like 250 cals for ONE!

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