Two Down and Recovery Points

Today I completed my second official marathon training run. Two down, about 78 to go!

Tuesday: 4 miles – 38:50 (9:42)

Wednesday: 4 miles – 37:50 (9:27)

I have been happy with both runs considering I am getting back into it after being away for 5 days. I had been running really regularly before Chicago, so I can definitely feel the difference.

Yesterday I also did a little bit of core work and strength moves Push ups, tricep dips, bicep curls, shoulder raises, chest press, lunges, squats, step ups, deadlifts.  I wound up recently putting a freeze on my gym membership.  I know that with marathon training I will not have much time to make it to the gym and at-home strength routines work pretty well for me because a variety of home gym equipment.

Speaking of marathon training, I wanted to share a really cool recovery plan that my friend Bridgette shared with me.  Bridgette has run multiple marathons and is also training for the California International Marathon. We are virtual training buddies and I am so grateful to have her experience and knowledge while training for my first marathon.

Bridgette turned me on to “Recovery Points” which gives you points for different cross training, rest and nutrition efforts.  The goal is to rack up 30 recovery points each week.

I added Naps and Core Work to the list to help encourage me to nap and do ab work.  I am realizing that 30 points is pretty challenging – but I like a challenge!

Do you have any recovery tips or tricks? I am really nervous about injury, so I am trying to really focus on recovery, cross training, stretching and rest.


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